Reli(able) – dependable, trustworthy, solid. It shows we are prepared to be a responsible and credible partner for our clients, both companies and workers. (Hori)zont – referring the future, what lies beyond the horizon. It shows we are prepared to offer our workers a better future, where they can find professional and personal fulfilment.



We believe in values such as listening, attention, transparency and honesty. We invest in people who want to face change with determination and confidence.


With our professionals, we drive European companies down the road to success, creating concrete and reliable human resources solutions.


We want to be a European point of reference for the conception and development of advanced human resources management solutions for any business, any role and any country.


Our project is to support companies in their growth, even internationally, with the ambition of becoming a point of reference for all aspects and areas of work, starting from the recruitment of resources they need. At the same time, our aim is to help workers who are looking for new opportunities, with the purpose of identifying their horizons, giving them the possibility of showing their worth. 

We believe that professionals, like us, who deal with recruiting, selecting and managing resources, have the task of knowing how to choose and enhance them in line with the needs and expectations of companies that will employ them. We try to find the right people for the companies we work with and the right opportunities for our workers inside those companies

We promptly meet our clients’ needs because speed is an essential value in doing business. At the same time, we are reliable because we want to be a credible partner that can be counted on.



We are a firm of professionals

We are a firm of professionals who work every day in the territory and deal with the needs of companies and workers. We have worked in market leaders, structured companies, both national and multinational, as well as in successful start-ups, gaining experience that has led us to conceive our model and our idea of professional services for the work world. We have distinctive skills in recruitment and selection, temporary staffing, but also in training personnel and legal consultation for companies and workers in all areas of work.

We know what is expected from us 

The companies that employ our services need to find the resources they are looking for in a short time. They expect us to be attentive and helpful when we take on their needs. They expect us to communicate clearly and effectively, as well as understand their needs. They expect competence and experience, because what you know and what you have done counts in work. The workers who come to us want to find someone who listens to them and knows how to find the opportunities they are looking for. They also expect us to be attentive and helpful, as well as making them feel part of an important project, a project that is also theirs.


We offer tailor-made solutions in temporary staffing, recruitment and selection, training and human resources services. Every day we are dedicated to improving supply meeting demand.  Our role consists of helping companies by selecting the best candidates in relation to their specific needs, finding professional opportunities for the candidates that are in line with their competences, experience and aspirations, training the workers on the tasks and all the aspects tied to the work relationship, so they can be efficaciously and constructively inserted in the company.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing fulfils various needs for companies and is characterized by its temporary nature. Its purpose is to support start-up activities, new order acquisitions, new production lines, and staff shortages that must be quickly and efficaciously dealt with. It is an essential tool for guaranteeing flexibility closely tied to unpreventable and unpredictable workflows. Our professionals have proven experience across the juridical and commercial spectrum that always enables us to provide the best and fastest solution. For workers this means an employment opportunity, an occasion to be engaged in new projects with the possibility of developing their skills.

Recruitment and Selection

The professionals dedicated to recruitment and selection work towards identifying the best solution for the company, from the viewpoint of defining resources suited for the positions together. These figures are professionals with significant experience able to add real value to the organizations they will be inserted in. In-depth knowledge of the entrepreneurial fabric, the competences needed to understand company requirements and the client’s organizational structure, allow our experts to plan solid solutions based on specific needs.


Relizont, in collaboration with its partners, deals with updating, training and learning on the job for all the latest news that involves the work world, which is in constant evolution. It organizes meetings, seminars and workshops on all the topics that interest people who deal with personnel management, organization and development, with an attentive approach to both juridical aspects and strictly operational ones. We can count on consultants and professionals who have gained competences in law firms, structured companies, private and public organizations, and management consultancy firms.